Could Your Diet Be Making You Fat?

Is your diet doing more harm than good? 

Whether you’re eating the right things at the wrong time of day, eating too much - or not enough – it’s common for people who start eating mindfully to fail and feel disheartened.

Here are 3 reasons why your eating plan might be failing.

Diet Disaster # 1 - Skipping Meals

Skipping meals to avoid calories will have the reverse effect. When in starvation-mode your body will slow your metabolism & look for alternative sources of energy from within, including breaking down calorie-burning muscle. 

Diet Diaster #2 - Protein Overload

The key to any successful diet is balance. You need to balance eating protein from animals with fibre from grains and vegetables, or else you won't see long term results. In the short term, by having too much of one type of protein, you risk bloating and constipation.

Diet Disaster #3 - You Booze, You Lose

No matter how good your eating regime is during the week, don't kid yourself on the weekends: most alcohol is packed with calories and will slow your metabolism. Instead, have an alcoholic drink one day a week, as a reward for great eating. Or find ‘other’ ways to let your hair down after a busy working week….like yoga!