What Is Pre-Workout and Why Do You Need It?

Are you overwhelmed by what’s on offer when you walk into any of the gym supplements stores out there?

There are a lot of conflicting ideas about what ACTUALLY works, as well as there being so many products to choose from that are all similarly packaged.

Across the next few blog posts, I’ll be breaking down the Top 5 supplements that you need to know about to compliment your weight training.

I’m often asked about pre-workout formulas and why you might need them as part of a regular exercise regime. 

What Is Pre-Workout Formula?

Pre-workout formula is an energetic enhancer taken before training to promote energy, strength, endurance, power and focus. Regardless of brand, all pre-workout forumulas generally contain a strong does of caffeine or its derivatives.

Why Not Just Have a Coffee Before Exercise?

Pre-workout formulas also contain the additional benefits like the list of amino acids below, which:

  • Arginine to enhance circulation
  • Tyrosine to produce dopamine
  • Carnitine which body uses to turn fat into energy
  • Vitamin C to speed up recovery
  • Folic acid to help your body produce and maintain new cells

How Much Pre-Workout Should You Use?

The number one most important thing to note about pre-workout formula is to watch your dosage. They are quote powerful stimulants, so as you begin using pre-workout, try using half the recommended amount - and ideally only use them in the early morning – working up to a full dose over a monthly period.