Some Thoughts On Tantric Sex...

Tantric Sex. Intrigued anyone? Well I was.

What could it possibly mean to signup to a group-style tantric sex class? Would we be clothed? Did we BYO partner or attractive friend? Was it a situation where you put your keys in a bowl? This was something I wanted to try…well, had thought about trying and didn’t know if I’d actually turn up to a class. 

So I mustered up the courage to learn more and went to visit my good friend Isiah McKimmie, a sex and relationship therapist and specialist tantric teacher. Isiah holds a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and is a Certified Somatic Sex Therapist having studied at the prestigious Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in the US. And she's a big-time legend. 

Isiah sees extreme importance in the need to practice sex.  She says that “one of the great things about tantra is that it offers fun, practical exercises and open discussion around sexuality, enjoyment, intimacy, pleasure and genuine connections that enable you to become a better lover, partner and friend”. 

The foundation belief of tantric sex is that intimacy and relationships are deeply connected to our overall happiness, intimacy being the key word. Sounds intriguing? Contact Isiah if you're keen to learn more.

So next time you see a notice-board advertising your local tantra class or different ways to increase communication in your relationship, take the slip and make the call. It could easily become a most welcome addition to your love life.