What Is Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage?

Have you ever experienced a disappointing massage?  Sounds oxymoronic, but it's entirely possible to feel robbed on the massage table - that is, if you sought the wrong technique for the wrong symptoms.  

It's easy to assume that all massages are the same. Don't be fooled: there are key differences in technique that affects different parts of the body. 

It's worth noting that if you are unsatisfied with the result, it could be because of the practitioner; not necessarily the technique. Shop around to try the work of different professionals before giving up on the technique altogether. 

Lomi Lomi (or Kahuna) massage is a relaxing hands-on massage with coconut oil.

The ideologies of Lomi Lomi are deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture, beliefs and spirituality. For centuries, Lomi Lomi was performed in Hawaiian temples as a rite of passage for young people coming into adulthood.

The ancient Hawaiian shamans believed in a strong mind-body connection; that muscle tension and mental stress were highly related. 

The Lomi Lomi technique involves long, fluid, rhythmic movements across the whole body, which provide overall body relaxation and mental stillness.

I recommend Lomi Lomi massage if you live a busy lifestyle and are looking for relaxation and/or stress relief.