Home Health Tech: ADA - the 'Doctor In Your Pocket' App

There's an app on the market that is giving Siri a run for her money.

Meet ADA and learn how it can help you and your GP get to the bottom of medical hiccups.

ADA is a 'health companion' app, which was designed by a international team of 100 doctors, data scientists and engineers.

The app is like having a 'doctor in your pocket' when you feel sick, asking questions and suggesting possible causes for symptoms. It can do this as it keeps a digital record of your health history.

Although this kind of data technology is fantastic, it's worth noting that ADA should not become a substitute for a real-life consultation with your human GP. 

Rather, use ADA as a way to document your health history and share the progression of any symptoms with your GP.

ADA is free from the App Store and Google Play (

Home Health Tech: Measure Your UV Exposure with My UV Patch App

Before we check for skin cancer, there's actually a new app to help stop us developing it in the first place!

La Roche-Posay My UV Patch (free with the purchase of La Roche-Posay sunscreen at most pharmacies, is a thin, flexible patch which measures sun exposure when connected to the My UV Patch app (free from the App Store and Google Play).

This transparent adhesive is about the size of a fifty cent count and contains photosensitive dyes, which change colour when exposed to UV.

Use the app to scan the patch on your skin. The app will then determine your level of UV exposure. 

You can sleep, exercise, shower and swim with the patch on for up to five days - you'll forget it's even there!

Although My UV Patch is certainly handy, it doesn't automatically alert you if your UV levels are in the red zone. It's up to you to keep checking your UV levels. 

Read more about My UV Patch here.